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Fiber/Pre-Fiber Tubes Assemblies

Fibertech Endoscopy has a dedicated team specialized in Pre-fibered tubes assemblies for rigid endoscopes and semi-rigid endoscopes.

Endoscopy Subassemblies

We are specialized in manufacturing image bundles for 90% of ureteroscopes. Discounts are available on bulk orders. Contact Us!

Rigid Endoscope Repairs

endoscopes-rigid-hysteroscope We offer exceptional quality repairs at very affordable price. Fibertech Endoscopy offers maintenance, refurbishment and repair of all types of endoscopes: standard 4 mm arthroscopes or cystoscopes, 10 mm laparoscopes, needlescopes and semi-rigids. We work with all major manufacturers: Olympus, Karl Storz, Smith & Nephew, Stryker, Richard Wolf, Linvatec, Dyonics, ACMI, Optim, etc. The are three important steps in the rigid endoscope repair process:

  • a multi-point evaluation of the damages
  • the repair of the endoscope
  • the quality control and testing process

Rigid Endoscope Repair Turnaround Times:


  • external cosmetic repairs (24 hours)
  • optical system cleaning and optical parts repair or replacement (1-2 days)
  • replacement of tubing and fibers (3-4 days)

Flexible Endoscope Repairs

Fibertech Endoscopy will refurbish, rebuild and restore your flexible scope to OEM standards. Our rebuild endoscope includes original equipment manufacturer and new aftermarket manufacturers parts:

  • New biopsy channel
  • New insertion tube
  • New switches
  • New suction cylinder
  • New air/water cylinder
  • New air/water channels
  • New light guide tube
  • New suction channel
  • New air/water channel
  • New or rebuilt electrical connector
  • New or rebuilt control body assembly
  • New fiber optics, light guide bundle
  • New or rebuilt bending section assembly
  • New angulation wires and stay coil assembly

Our Flexible Endoscope Repair services list includes:

  • CCD chip replacement
  • replacement nozzles
  • new bending rubber
  • switch No. 1 for Olympus
  • all switches for Pentax
  • system angulation rebuilt
  • C cover replacement
  • biopsy channel replacement
  • suction channel replacement
  • electrical connector rewire
  • light guide tube replacement
  • light guide bundle replacement
  • air/water channel replacement
  • air/water supply channels replacement
  • bending rubber replacement
  • insertion tube replacement package
  • angulation adjustment with stoppers
  • adjust/repair breaks knobs assembly
  • switch head assembly replacement for Olympus
  • CCD chip rewire with 3 months warranty
  • clean and polish objective lens and light guide lens assembly

Our Services list includes:

Standard scopes
(4 mm arthroscopes and cystoscopes, 5 mm laparoscopes, 10 mm laparoscopes)

  • objective lens repair/replacement
  • up to two rod lenses replacement
  • repair/replacement of tubing and light fibers
  • sealing and testing

Speciality scopes
(1.9 mm, 2.4 mm, 2.7mm, 2.9mm, small diameter scopes, offset laparoscopes)

  • objective lens repair/replacement
  • up to two rod lenses replacement
  • repair/replacement of tubing and light fibers
  • sealing and testing

Semi-rigid uretheroscopes

  • image bundle and objective assembly replacement
  • tubing and light fibers replacement
  • image bundle and objective replacement

At Fibertech Endoscopy we fix all types of endoscopes: rigid endoscopes, semi-rigid endoscopes (all models and manufacturers, except plastic bodies), flexible endoscopes, small diameter, etc.

We understand that competitive prices and fast turn-around time would mean nothing without outstanding quality of repair due to our increased attention to detail. That is why all of our repairs meet the OEM specs and we can offer a 90 days warranty for all our repairs and 1 year warranty for the equipment that we sell.

Click here to download the Service Request Form. No work will be done without written approval.

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